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What are the Advantages of a Mobile Website over Native Apps?

- May 29, 2012 - by , in Blog, Mobile Tips and Hints, mobile web, with no comments -

Advantages of Mobile Websites | MobileWebStudio.netWhat makes better sense for your business – a mobile website or a mobile web application? It is not uncommon for people to get stuck on this one question, and, needless to say, the choice between both is not very easy. Both a mobile phone site and a native app have their advantages and disadvantages and what you finally settle for will depend largely on your goals.

For instance, if your primary aim is public communications or marketing, the clear winner is bound to be a mobile site, at least as the first step of your mobile marketing campaign. This is because a mini-version of your website scores over native apps in more ways than one. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages associated with a phone site.

Site for Mobile Phones are Instantly Available

Unlike apps that need to be downloaded and installed first before they can be used or viewed, a mobile version of your website can be instantly accessed by your audience with the help of a browser. Since initial engagement with the website translates almost immediately into action, phone sites offer a far more satisfying experience for most consumers.

A Mobile Website is Compatible across Mobile Devices

Whether you have a Blackberry, an iPhone, or a Samsung Touchphone, a mobile site can very easily be viewed on all handheld devices. A mobile web application, on the other hand, has to be customized to be compatible with the operating system of specific devices.

Mobile Phone Site can be Upgraded Easily

When a native application is updated, users have to download the latest version on their device for it to take effect. In a mini-site, however, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to changing/updating the design or content. Once you are done, the changes are visible to users almost immediately.

Mobile Websites are Easier to Find

Where one has to visit a specific app store to look for an application, mobile sites can be found easily on search engines or industry-specific directories. Better still, device detection software makes it easy to direct your users to the mini-site when they visit the regular website. This gives the site a broader reach which is not enjoyed by applications.

A Site for Mobile Phones is Easier on your Pocket

Developing a mobile website requires less investment in terms of cost as well as time as compared to a mobile app. At the same time, it gives you presence on a wide variety of platforms which may not be possible with a mobile web application.

With this you mustn’t conclude that mobile apps aren’t popular. They are, especially when you consider some specific use scenarios. For instance, when it comes to interactive gaming, apps are undoubtedly the first choice. Also, some apps (like EverNote) allow users to customize them to their specific requirements, facilitating a far more personalized experience, which may not be possible with a website. Whenever you have a situation where you’d like to give your target audience functionality without dependence on an Internet connection, native application would be a far better choice.