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What is Mobile Web: A Quick Guide for Beginners

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What is Mobile Web? MobileWebStudio.NETThe mobile web, also commonly referred to as the wireless web or mobile Internet, is best defined as the use of a mobile device (cell phones, tablet computer, smartphones) to access the World Wide Web or other Internet related applications. Where conventionally access to the Internet has only been possible with the help of fixed-line services on a computer or desktop, mobile web has revolutionized the way people browse the Internet and managed to place the World Wide Web at your fingertips…quite literally at that.

This perceptible shift from desktops to hand held devices has shown a steady increase since 2007, when leading mobile brands started manufacturing larger and more advanced multi-touch smartphones. In fact, by 2010, the smartphone was able to provide a far superior browsing experience than previous generation mobile devices or even personal computers.

It is estimated that the distinction between native applications and mobile web applications will become blurred soon enough. While on the one hand browsers on present day smartphones are accessing its hardware – the GPS chips and accelerometers – directly, on the other hand browser based applications are become faster and faster. A research conducted in June 2011 concluded that Mobile Web was one of the three most widely used platforms, along with iOS and Android.

Needless to say, mobile web is one of the hottest fads in the field of mobile technology. Even the most basic handset available today provides access to the Internet, allowing consumers to use it for rudimentary purposes like accessing the email and surfing the Internet. In the more advanced handsets, however, people can do a lot more than this, the most popular function being using mobile specific applications.

Mobile apps have become so integral to the lives of users they cannot imagine getting by without them. Today, there are tens of thousands of applications covering almost every conceivable function you can think of doing on a handheld device. From looking up the meaning of words to checking on the latest price of stocks to getting directions to the new restaurant in town to providing regular updates on weather, everything is possible with mobile apps. All you have to do is choose your favorite application and download it into the device. Once it is installed, the user simply has to select the app to launch the program.

Wireless web has also put Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) within the reach of mobile users. Instead of using their cell phone network, VOIP gives people the ability to speak with other people over the Internet. The most popular example of VOIP services is Skype. For most part this function has largely been restricted to personal computers. Today, however, cell phones equipped with Wi-Fi are able to easily configure VOIP services, either free of cost or at nominal rates. VOIP has turned out to be a great money saving option whereby mobile users are able to stay in touch with loved ones, especially those that are overseas, without having to spend any more on their monthly bills than they have to.

In the end, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the mobile web has opened up a whole new world to its users.

There are few things you can’t do on your mobile phone these days. Shopping, transferring money, sending virtual gifts, downloading videos, chatting with friends, and checking emails have all become possible thanks to the technological strides made in the field of mobile Internet.