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Wireless Mobile Internet & Its Role in Adult Education & Learning

- March 17, 2012 - by , in Blog, mobile web, News, with no comments -

Distance-Learning-MobilewebStudioWith the advent of the Internet, people found their lives taking an extraordinary turn – in most cases for the better. There was no end to the things you could do with the help of the Internet and for a moment it looked like nothing could surpass this technological advancement. But, then came along wireless mobile Internet proving that it was possible to turn ‘better’ into ‘even better’. Now, it looks like web for mobile phones is all set to take over from where desktops left off.

Today more people surf the Internet on their handheld devices than desktops and once again, anything that you could do on your computer can be accomplished on your mobile phones or tablet PCs. So much so that it is carving an integral place for itself in the realms of education especially for adult learners. In fact, several online universities and colleges are encouraging the use of mobile devices. Its flexibility and portability, not to mention the ability to access high speed Internet on the go, makes it a valuable education tool.

Let’s look at some of the more prominent ways in which Internet for mobile phones is impacting the field of adult education and learning.

Allows you to Study at your Own Pace

Gone are the days when you would have to attend classes at inconvenient timings, juggling your entire day’s/week’s schedule to accommodate classes. Today, professors and instructors are amenable to the idea of recording class lectures and posting them onto the college website from where it can be downloaded anytime. You can carry these audio/video podcasts and ‘attend’ them at a time most convenient to you. Those who have a full time job are thankful for this flexibility and usually listen to lectures in the evenings or on weekends.

Wireless Mobile Internet Makes Education More Affordable

There are several ways in which web for mobile devices cuts down on the cost of education. To begin with, it saves you the trouble of having to travel to and fro to attend lectures thereby saving not just the money you’d spend on travelling but also time. In addition, you have access to a wide variety of free online resources, textbooks, and learning material. No matter what subject you are specializing in – law, nursing, business, marketing, humanities, art, or political science – there is plenty of free or reasonably priced content and audio books which can be downloaded onto your mobile device.

Improves Communication between Student & Teacher

In a classroom of 30 students, it’s difficult for a teacher to give the much needed individualized attention to every learner. With a mobile device however, students can interact with their instructors on a one-to-one basis via instant messaging. This is especially helpful when seeking clarification on a difficult point or reviewing an assignment or test paper.

Earlier, earning a degree for adult learners meant dealing with variables like location of college, availability of courses, timings of the lectures, finances, etc. Today, however, it has become easier for working mothers or full time job holders to go back to college without it having to interfere in their job or family care responsibilities.